i can't lie, i thought this commercial was gonna' be my reality whenever it came on. me steppin' out the classic ride with the fresh gear, i wink at the piano man whom i'm super cool with and when i sit at the table, all i have to do is flash my pearly whites and my date hangs on my every word. has it happened? not quite. but i sure can pick a mean scent, thanks to my mother who got me obsessed with perfume at an early age.

my first beloved scent was love's baby soft, then tea rose (i know), followed by malibu musk leading to my foray into adult scents starting with yves saint laurent's paris (thanks, shelayna). from there it was on to poison, ultima II (complete rip off of farenheit) and a myriad of others until i found my signature scent (sorry, not telling) and a few staples (not telling those either but damnit they're good).

vanilla oil also happens to be a regular and i'm always complimented when i wear it, especially by those that are a bit "touched" (shout out to my grandmother for that lovely, southern term).

i can only imagine what this bit of genius marketing did for women who were of age when it came out...

anyone remember their favorite first scent?

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