the FIVE dj commandments

i've actually seen rich medina spin in both nyc and l.a., truly an incredible dj and one of the best that's EVER been. definitely worth checking out, especially if you like to shake a tailfeather.

that said, i wish it was mandatory that everyone learn "the five dj commandments" before they hit the age of 18. my favorites being (and i'm paraphrasing):

1. if you see the dj with his/her headphones on, stop trying to have a conversation and STFU. believe it or not, they're actually working and need to concentrate.

2. if you would like to listen to a jukebox, then take your ass elsewhere or better yet, to a top 40 club. dj's were not created to recreate your favorite radio station's playlist. that's what radio is for.  dj's play music and while some of that does include top 40, the bulk of music heads i know, don't even listen to radio. that helps them bring shit to your eardrums you may never hear otherwise and that's a good thing (c) martha stewart.

look at it like this, no one comes to your job and tries to tell you what to do to make your job performance better so why do it to someone else? *steps off soapbox*


  1. Where are 3,4, and 5? I feel like a dumb ass!

  2. LOL...in the video. I just wanted to address my faves :)