r.i.p. lost

i'm still on the fence about this season though there have been some stand out episodes. maybe it's because i want a "six feet under" finale and i'm not sure i'm gonna' get it. so many questions...so many UNANSWERED questions and i really want to believe they'll get answered but unlike locke, i don't have that much faith. but...i could be wrong. in fact, i HOPE i'm wrong.

the locke poster was done by olly moss who's aesthetic i appreciate, especially due to his obvious love for saul bass.

i'm obsessed with saul bass, he makes me wish i was/had become a graphic artist and it wasn't until i got into high school that i realized he had done some of my most all-time favorite film posters for some of my all-time favorite films. for example...

he also did the original the shining movie poster. which is my favorite horror film, next to the exorcist.

when i first saw the shining, besides being scared shitless, the opening scene and the steadicam shots made me want to be a cinematographer. it also made me realize that horror films can be artful, well-written and psychologically manipulative. not just blood and guts with buxom women falling down in the woods when they actually get a chance to escape.

maybe if i had made the saul bass connection early on, i would've taken it as "a sign" and followed that course. or maybe not. either way, it's amazing what an influence he's had on modern culture.

one for the road


  1. This poster makes me want to see Love in the Afternoon! I guess that's what he was paid to do!

  2. These are great. Glad I remembered to add your blog to my daily roster.