daily affirmations

after this past weekend's dj experience, it left me feeling a bit out of sorts and to be honest, disappointed...like i've been giving people more credit than i should when it comes to music and what their ears will tolerate.

so last night at my volunteer gig, i told "gt" about the whole experience and he knowingly smiled while i expressed my disappointment and confusion. i mentioned i'd been "spoiled" (more on this in a sec) by fellow music lovers and other dj's that i know. in response, he had some very interesting things to say about being confident in one's ear, the state of our culture, the role media plays, what we're exposed to, what we choose to expose ourselves to, the responsibility of parents and on a larger scale, where we are in history and the spiritual aspects of everything combined.

i get to have these conversations while music from various genres and all over the world plays in the background and as music heads, we dig it. sometimes there's a difference of opinion but it's always respectful and i believe we hear one another regardless of where we stand. sometimes other people, artists, educators, dj's, community activists and the like pop in and i get an even broader perspective on a variety of subjects, almost like a smaller version of the political parties i cherish.

last night he also helped put my thinking in perspective when i mentioned i'd been "spoiled" by the music lovers i know.  i realized he was right when he said, "you haven't been 'spoiled' as much as 'blessed' by your experiences, be grateful for that." Truuuuuuuuuuuuue (c) B.I.G.

and so i present "jessica's daily affirmation"
(amazing how children can put it all into perspective as well)

*thanks, oscar

p.s. for those that don't get the joke, the tag "deep thoughts" is in reference to snl and this, as in, "aren't i funny" as opposed to...i'm so deep, the world must know my thoughts. that is all.


  1. I totally agree with GT. You are just way more classy and knowledgeable than the average person. It is definitely a blessing!!! For us too! xo-S!

  2. Amazing little girl. Loved that. What an energy.

    And yes, your vast love of music is rare, feel pity for the people who can't "hear" as well as you. It's a gift you were given and continue to give yourself.

  3. Aww, thanks you two!

    And she is amazing, I wish "we" could all hold on to that spirit more.