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since this blog is a hodgepodge of whatever is in my brain (and what blog isn't?), i thought i'd start a little feature called "etsy finds."

"what's etsy?", you say? etsy is an online marketplace that sells vintage or handmade goods that you buy outright as opposed to bidding. i love all things vintage: vintage apartments, vintage clothes, vintage cars, vintage jewelry, vintage cameras and even vintage men (meaning, a throwback to the "gentleman" of yore).

i've mentioned before i keep weird hours and sometimes stay up later than i should thanks--in part--to hunting for music and hunting for treats on etsy. last night is the perfect example.

first, i have a flair for nostalgia and sentiment (duh!). i knew i had to get up early for kickboxing but instead of going to bed like a responsible adult, i fought what would have been a restful sleep in bed. instead, i nodded on the couch, computer on my lap, still open on the search results page for vintage lunchboxes...all while checking the time and playing the "15 more minutes game" with myself. i must have really been missing that peanuts lunchbox. i also looked for my incredible hulk toy chest that i loved dearly.

anywhoo, i came across this puppy the other day. a vintage cigarette case dispenser. immediately my heart started racing. i thought of all the possibilities, like..."ooooh, i could gift this to a friend who likes to smoke! redo the suede, fill it with rolled "treats", they'll love it!" just as i was about to hit purchase, the voice of reason inside my head was like, "bitch, please. you're in debt paying mode, not accumulating debt mode. and you know damn well all you'll do is sit this shit on your landing strip forever, until you get so fed up with your lack of follow through that you'll either donate or give it away at a clothing swap! fall back." so instead of purchasing, i decided to share:



i think it's pretty damn groovy and when i'm able to give it as a gift, the way i want, more will be around. etsy

*hulk photo courtesy of ratchet's hulk collection
speaking of the hulk, is it just me or did anyone else get depressed when they heard "the lonely man" theme? i used to cry and go hug my toy chest because i felt sad for it. real spit.

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