facebook follies

full disclosure, i don't know how the hell i came upon this but i was fully engrossed in this nitwitted display of public theater until the last line broke me out of my voyeuristic trance.

maybe it's because i'm an admitted smart ass that i love the last line but like they say, don't put anything online you wouldn't want the world to see.

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  1. I don't get the popcorn line...

    Also, how did you fond the dentistry IQ site?...

  2. That's very funny. (Shelayna, the popcorn line is one of their friends reading this fight and saying he's eating popcorn cause it's so entertaining.)

    I hate Sean though. I can't deal with his lack of punctuation and bad grammar.

  3. yeah, sean is lacking in a few areas but elizabeth isn't big on punctuation either unless it's the exclamation point.

    shey, i found the site by googling "internet etiquette."

  4. i cannot stop laughing about this