lissie maurus

yes, there's an official video but seeing her live is something i highly recommend. i would post the song but i was asked not to, at least not until the record comes out and i happily oblige. in the meantime, a lot of her live performances are up on youtube, this song being one of my personal faves. enjoy :)

check lissie out here


  1. yay for the case.
    yay for not buying it.
    yay for lissie.
    yay for you.

  2. yay for you introducing me to lissie's music :)

  3. You should read some the near perfect reviews she's getting in the UK. It's crazy. I wonder if her LP has come out stateside yet? I think it may have and perhaps you've already got it.

  4. I saw a few write-ups, not remotely surprised by the accolades.

    It comes out in the UK @ the end of June, the U.S. release is some time in August but by then, it'll be all over "the nets." And I have a watermarked digital copy from the label that I could play you if you'd like?

    When it gets closer to the release date, I'm sure they'll send a hard copy but I'd buy it regardless to support.

    Thanks for introducing me to her music!