she's not M

granted, madonna's "inspirations" often came from keeping her ears to the streets, pilfering the land and bringing back her spoils to us mere mortals aka mainstreamers.

sometimes she gave back (willi ninja helped choreograph vogue with karole armitage's dance company, whom he toured with thanks to the success of the paris is burning documentary that showcased the dance style she copped for the video), often she did not. more than anything, she inspired a legion of girls and boys, artists, dancers and designers alike.

so while gaga can annoy me with her homage's, i don't believe she purports to have made up all this visual creativity by her lonesome. just like i don't recall madonna ever saying that she was solely responsible for her image and all that comes with it.

of course, i could be wrong.
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  1. I do agree with Madge's song: She can do it better. Gaga is gag-a. M is a much better dancer and sexier too. She could probably kick Gaga's butt in Scrabble, and her music is better. It really is.