so i lied

i really thought i could whiz through seven days of "you oughta' know" posts about musicians like nobody's business. i lied.

this past weekend was super busy. on friday, my dear friend's talented beau made me a belated birthday dinner with another one of his talented friends visiting from out of state.

it's crazy how much fun you can have just being in the house with food, sangria, red wine, "treats" and the dark crystal. yeah, it was that kind of night. my friend and i managed to out do the boys and stayed up hella' late (dozing on/off, of course) watching the film. i didn't really get to sleep until 5a, woke up up around 7a and just never went back to sleep.

on saturday, another talented and dear friend (who makes fresh ass greeting cards) treated me to a matinee of the kids are all right (i highly recommend it). a bit after the film, we met up with "talented friend" mentioned above for dinner. after that, went to my friend's office in venice, off abbott kinney, sat on the deck with with red wine in attendance and great conversation.

side note: i am an admitted "lightweight" so i got a bit buzzed at dinner, came to the office, chatted a bit and after we moved the party inside, i fell the fuck out. i finally got home around 3a, enter sunday morning...

a family friend recently lost her mentor to a freak accident so i attended the 10a ceremony at the temple for her memorial service. from there, went to a friend's house to watch the world cup. i pretty much slept on/off while watching the game and yes, i was asleep when someone finally made a goal. yeah, i missed it in real time, thank goodness for the dvr. then i ran errands, ate dinner and got home in time to watch true blood before i fell the fuck out...again.

so why am i saying all this? tellin' all my business? 'cause the above is why i didn't do these damn posts that i challenged myself to do. i had no time, i could barely call people back and sometimes, it just goes down like that.

hats off to all the people that can make time to do it daily but for me, i'm just not there yet, nor do i think i need to be. i'll get back on the ball and follow through but i just wanted to say, i'm aware i lied.

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  1. That World Cup game was boring enough to put the most rabid fan to sleep. Snoozefest. I know futbol can be fun and exciting but with all the buzzing in the background and the ages it takes to score the only thing that keeps me going are the hot guys and they don't do nearly enough close ups. No wonder it's not a huge sport in this country. We like our sports with a bit more action and individuality. Sorry futbol fans.