super sisters on cycles...

better move your butt when these ladies strut!

i know nothing of this film and hadn't even heard of it until brandon (my internet partner-in-crime) turned me on to this gem right here:

again, i know nothing, maybe you do. and if you do, riddle me this?

at the time, was this the most effective way to combat the klan and other systematic abusers of their era (a.k.a. "the man")?

do you think they would've allowed me to take minutes? specifically, the meeting in which they discussed what ensembles would most represent their image and message?
don't you think whomever owns the home that fell to bits has a genuine lawsuit on their hands for the shoddy workmanship?

have you ever been invited to mellow's paradise? i surely haven't. i wonder if it's anything like kiss-n-grind?

no one ever told me you could drive out from under water on a motorcycle. am i on the late train?

i wonder if i could borrow the white sequined sparkly dress when i planned on hitting paradise garage or are these super sisters not in to sharing their clothes?

would it be wrong if i started wearing a headress to work? i already rock my beloved feather earrings, surely this is just the next step?

lastly, this left me feeling a tad inadequate in comparison to my own bike gang
poster courtesy of > wrong side of the art

a genuine write-up > here

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