i'm scared of waka flocka flame

ok man, you win. i believe you.

this work of art was produced by a gentleman named lex luger. lex LUGER...i see what you did there, lex. or do you prefer luge? mr. luge?

maybe waka and i could sit down over some chamomile tea and talk politics and say...fashion? for example, we'll discuss pensions, flat taxes and the slogan, "legalize it" and i'll tell waka my opinion on suspenders and why they're on the come up. we'll even have the classic debate: why adidas are doper than nike. i dunno', maybe?

i mentioned my concern to the homie brandon to which he replied, "i'm scared of him but i'm terrified of his momma."

may i present, mama flocka (she even has a twitter)

*btw, if i come up missin', you know why.

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