my hero

i've been to ny many a time and i'm grateful i haven't experienced being sexually assaulted on a train, 'though i hear about these stories quite a bit, demographic be damned.

i'm proud of this woman, i'm proud of her defiance. what i wish in these instances, more men were quick to bring other men to task and hold them accountable for shitty behavior. yes, he is being recorded by a man but wouldn't it be lovely if there was someone who formed a protective barrier between her and this degenerate creetin? someone with more physical force, even if it were two or three "smaller" men as opposed to one? and yes, we only see a clip, who knows what happened afterwards with the other men on the train.

maybe i've been spoiled by a father who often put his two cents in when he saw injustices happening to other people. he's a big man, some might even say "physically threatening." but what i have witnessed, time and again, is him standing up for other people, sometimes to his own detriment. some outcomes have been funny, some "not so much." and if you knew my father, you'd be laughing at the previous statement, i'm sure my sister is cracking up as she reads this.

you'll be happy to know this "gentleman and upstanding citizen" was arrested. thanks to this woman's bravery, thanks to the man that recorded this, thanks to an organization like hollaback that uploaded the video and thanks to the nypd.

more details here


  1. Thank you for posting this video. That woman was incredible to put the guy in check and I read that he did get arrested. Also, I just listened to the woman singing When Doves Cry and I would wager that there are some doves out there right now doing just that. Also, happy belated Thanksgiving..Janine