let me begin by saying, for those that aren't prince fans, move along, nothing to see here.

for those that are, i'm sure you're about to fully understand my sudden fit of hostility, brought on by this wretched cover i made the mistake of listening to, resulting in blood oozing out of my ear drums.

*yes, i'm dramatic, but i don't apologize for being passionate about music.


do you hear the "background vocals?" i mean, i can't even (as my grandmother would say), "fix my face" right now.
me too, merman. meeee too.

this didn't need to be covered, she's doing nothing for it, this bullshit 80s throwback synth sound is a hot bag of garbage and chick is completely out of her lane. not only that, but her management should be fired since they obviously care nothing about her and keep letting her pick covers that are beyond her skill level.

in fact, i have it on good authority that his purple majesty hates it.


honestly, i give this, four out of five bewildered baby faces.

so upset. i'm sending her a cease and desist letter signed, "girl, stop."


  1. It's like a car crash. Who is this woman?

  2. I'm afraid to listen to it right now, before I go to bed! I guess I'll wait until the morning!

    I like the bewildered babies! xo

  3. ugh. that's so bad. kill her.