yes i'm grown and yes i care

while driving home last night, i saw a billboard for sanrio's 50th anniversary coming here to l.a.

wait, what?!!! did jesus just give me a shout out?!

you mean there's a hangar at the santa monica airport, from november 12-21st dedicated to all things sanrio and hello kitty?! *head explodes*

i've been a hello kitty fan since like forever. she's gotten me through the good times and bad: whether it be letters passed back in forth in class between fellow sanrio heads trying to one up the other with pens, stationery, wallets, gum...you name it, we had it!

slip a note in your friend's locker about latest crush and what he was wearing today before she saw the new stationery? done.

bitch one ups you by pulling out her fancy new pen box in your afternoon class to take notes, then hands you the answer to your letter with some shit you've only heard of?! damn, son. you cut her a look and then grin 'til your face hurts...hello kitty is all about the love.

and then i started cheating on kitty with chococat ...

and dearly departed (and my personal fave), deery lou...
deery lou, the cheerful fawn (r.i.p.)

i even met hello kitty once. she was taller than me, gave me a big hug and i got to burrow my face in her soft, plushy neck and she even gave me a gift bag with a tarina tarantino necklace. kitty you shouldn't have! and yep, i got the polaroid pic to prove it. my smile was from ear to ear, a definite milestone.

and yeah, i said meeting hello kitty was a milestone. you don't like it? take your hatin' ass on over to hello kitty hell and commiserate with the other non-believers.

here in l.a., there are two big events, the i (heart) nerds party and the retro 80s prom party i really don't know which one i want to attend more! i'm telling you, her parties are FUN.

check it out > small gift l.a.


  1. Thank you for updating your feed settings. It makes your blog much more readable.

  2. I saw the poster on my way to work! I thought of you, of course!

  3. I would be right there will you, holding hands and frolicking in the intense glow of her Hello Kittyness. You better have a double dose of fun for me. 50 Year! That's triple cray.