musical memories

i have an increasingly bad memory, something i'm learning not to beat myself up about.

there's so much that happens over a lifetime that it's difficult to retain every single detail of when you did this or that.

but music...for some reason music helps me remember certain experiences more readily than others.

this song is like that.

it reminds me of summer afternoon drives through the canyons out to pch.

overcast, melancholy winter days, contemplating life, while lying next to the heater on the living room floor.

intimate dinner parties.

early morning bike rides, headphones snug, hustling to beat your best time before all the tourists show up. all while singing out loud, not caring who hears you.

getting lost in the city while you learn how to read a subway map.

northern california.

"hpa" summers.


in other words, as cliche as it sounds, music really is the soundtrack to life.

zero 7 "destiny"


  1. The first time I heard this song, I was floored. I love it, especialy Sia's phrasing and voice!!! Good call!