my mom

the first time i heard chocolate genius and this song in particular, i was driving around my beloved l.a.

a buddy of mine praised this album, said, "if you do nothing else, take your butt to amoeba and purchase this record!" the passion in his delivery made me believe him, so i did as he suggested.

driving around, i got in the right head space (ha ha), popped in the cd and took the "long way" home. i didn't get two minutes in before i had to pull over and compose myself.

gut wrenching in its honesty, raw in its delivery, one of the best written songs i've ever heard.

beautifully executed. one of those artists that's been slept on yet mention him in a circle of music heads or musicians themselves, you'll always get a, "oh yeah, he's the truth." and yet, barely anyone knows who he is.

here's the live version

from the album, black music. worth the purchase, worth a listen. album review > here

shout out to children (regardless of age) who have lost their mothers and fathers, in one way or another.