pouting in the rain

current mood: irked

no, no...i'm not bitching because it's raining, i don't mind the rain one bit. in fact, i stunt in the rain with dope rain boots and a cute umbrella so yeah, no problems there.

besides, the rain means hiking this spring is going to be gorgeous and less wildfires to contend with come summertime. a little rain to keep people in their homes? color me happy.

what i'm irked by is the fact that it was so cloudy last night i couldn't catch the winter solstice lunar eclipse. i thought about high tailing it up to the griffith observatory. despite budget cuts, they stayed open last night specifically for moon gazers. unfortunately, a homie sent a text late last night that simply said, "keep dreaming."

seeing the eclipse was two fold for me. first, there's bragging rights.

you know like, maybe when i'm an old lady, sitting on the porch, drinking sweet tea in my rocking chair, still rockin' the adidas, yelling at neighborhood kids to "get off my property!," i'll be able to tell the kids i do like about the great lunar eclipse of 2010. the one that comes every 19,000 years or so.

second, i just wanted to see mother nature do her thug thizzle. alas, it was too cloudy but thankfully, there's the internet and people like william castleman who take the time to record!

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse from William Castleman on Vimeo.

originally spotted > here

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  1. yay!!! Shout out to the moon in all her glory!!!