pop levi, nikka costa, one ovary and live bands

i'm going to see pop levi & nikka costa at the roxy tonight and i'm SUPER excited.

for those that read more often than not, i'm sure you can tell by now i have a deep affinity for music (thanks to my parents) and i've worked around it for several years, plus i have my own set of technics.

am i a super dj? absolutely not. in fact, i've done a few parties and a lot of "hpa" get togethers but my skills, for the most part, have been relegated to my living room. something i plan on changing this year.

but i'm rambling about nothing so let me get back on track. i really don't know where i'd be in life without music. the music industry?, now that's a different discussion but music itself, i'd be lost without it. seriously. so when i love an artist, i actually support. i buy their shit, i see a show, i talk about them, yada yada yada. so without further ado...

i got turned on to pop levi a few years ago by this one cat i dated whom while driving around the city listening to mr. levi's music, told me his mother said he was born with one ovary. (yeah, sit with that one for a minute.)

i would tell you my response but you might think me a bit cruel and i'm anything but. needles to say, i didn't know him long but i got a new artist out of our brief meeting so...

blue honey by pop levi...

catchy, right? (well, if you like this sort of music). some ears do not respond to guitars post 1984, no matter how much you debate (i'm looking at you guy, lol).

and while nikka costa has a bevy of songs under her belt, i could post one for you, dear reader, that's more "mainstream" but honestly, you can google her catalogue yourself.

what i will post is why she's one of the illest musicians you'll ever see live. this song is "tug of war" off her first release...

and that's nothin'. seriously, she's amazing live. anyhow, here's one of her more popular songs since i'm feeling generous

*p.s. i have to tell you what i said to 'ol boy. i'm sorry but i feel compelled.

you might walk away from this little ditty thinking i'm an asshole. and you might be right. but to put it in to context...

we're in the car, in a close, confined space. dude was ranting and going on, damn near foaming at the mouth because i didn't understand his sensitivity (not true). but what i actually think was happening was that he was practicing a monologue (first and last time i entertain dating an actor) he'd written, unbeknownst to me. maybe if i got in to it with him, it would fuel some creatvity and he'd conquer his next audition, right? WRONG (copyright: charlie murphy).

so when bitch boy pauses between rants to say, "my mom thinks i was born with one ovary..."
my response was (as dry and annoyed as i could deliver this), "well i have one testicle so we're not gonna' work."


  1. quick witted - no asshole.

    love that pop levi. thanks for another music pill.

    have fun at the roxi tonight!

  2. Ditto! Another rad artist to add to my introduced by the Freshmaker list! xo-S!