your state sucks

i mean, bestiality? i shouldn't be surprised after seeing zoo but if i ever entertain leaving the golden state, my choices are a bad daily commute or high cost of living? been there and done that.

and i can't romanticize moving overseas with visions of jettin' down the streets of paris in a navy gts 300, owning a vineyard in the south of france (oh you saw that movie too?) or doing it big à la james bond, chillin' in lake como...they're equally screwed too.

by the way, "ugliest residents"? way harsh, tai (am i the only one who knows this film inside & out?).

spotted here via jezebel


  1. New Hampshire and Idaho sound fine... and they are stretching for Ohio.

    Anyway, when someone calls low corporate taxes a fault, they are pushing a political agenda. New Hampshire doesn't have a sales tax or an income tax either. If it didn't snow, I would have moved there long ago.

  2. Embarassing!!!! That's what I get for not reading the article. New Hampshire has the *highest* corporate taxes... Who's got an agenda now?

  3. Alas, there is no utopia... Only if you have buckets of money to buy your own island. And even then, your cash would probably be funding some shady crap!

  4. I think they should have said, "what is your state best at" but whatever. i'm happy to come from the air pollution state is all i can say. and what's the difference between "most sickly" and "poorest health"?

  5. and here i was thinking they made this map for shits & giggles.