is this my new ringtone? (UPDATE)

let's discuss, shall we?

first, humor me with the chorus:
"i can’t even lie i fuck better when i’m drinkin’ right
dick like a pro throw the pussy like i’m famous
pussy feels so good feel like the rubber on fainted
you ain't gotta' tell me i know this pussy be yankin'"

hm, ok. i'm no expert when it comes to urban vernacular so, riddle me this?...

is "yankin'" a good term? i only ask because for me, it brings up images of vagina dentata or her lady parts screaming, "feed me, seymour." then again, maybe she's an expert with ben wa balls and after much rigorous training, can literally yank said gentleman's peen. wow, lady...powerful stuff.
maybe we should get a little more insight into just whom this "lady" is.

first, "i see that magnum wrapper nigga' that's the perfect size" - while some may consider her a "sizeist" or "size queen" i think she's merely stating her preference for something more substantial...you know, something she can yank without it snapping off.

"look like you tired i suggest you pop a pill or two" - does this mean she's advocating drug use and failed the d.a.r.e program or is she saying that she is somewhat of an energizer bunny and advocates pharmaceutical use to her suitors so that they stay in sync?

"get me my drank so i can get in this zone" - very interesting. so maybe lady is suggesting that she has some intimacy issues and needs to partake in "liquid courage?" or maybe she just likes to get bent and relax with a nice cocktail before she gets it in? no judgment...one can only wonder.

"i’m throwin’ it back and you throwin’ a little change" - this is a direct threat to said suitor's manhood. in other words, she's challenging him to a duel.

"didn’t have no teacher but this pussy been trained" - i can't with this one. i really can't.

so many questions people.

i'll start with...why is her music budget for this video bigger than fabolous' last venture and he's an industry veteran?

second, do men walking around with giant jugs of pickles and cans of four loko symbolize something? are the pickles phallic symbols, is she saying she's on some 9 1/2 weeks shit and likes to experiment with food and caffeine or is she saying she needs energy after post-coital relations?

is that candy at the dinner table? why are they serving four loko in champagne flutes?

i really need to see the video treatment for this modern masterpiece. if you have it, hit me up.

*UPDATE: i've been informed it isn't candy at the dinner table...they're hot cheetos. i'm through.

[shout out to brandon and crunktastical for the link.]


  1. You're hilar and so it this vid.

  2. I love the commentary! Spot on!

  3. P.S. What's up with the gold and silver lipstick?...

    I'm going to call Lady for some tips!

  4. You took the words right out of my mouth...

    and let us not forget 1:53

    @shelayna i have been waiting for someone to mention the lipstick....who does top lip one color bottom lip a different one? who? i ask you...who?

  5. @ bdub...i think i purposely blocked out "1:53" and just went to my happy place filled with unicorns, hello kitty and baby blue cotton candy to get that image out of my head.

    @ shelayna the lipstick! yes bdub, who?!

    i even researched old pics of grace jones thinking maybe she was the inspiration. so far, no dice.