i'll venture to say this film employed more talented and overlooked black actors than hollywood's entire 2010 film roster.

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  1. This looks good. Can't wait either.

  2. You are so right my friend. Is that Lenny Kravitz's daughter? I am so glad I checked out your blog tonight or I might not have even heard about the movie until my next trip to L.A. When do you think it is going to be out? Miss you.

  3. hi!

    indeed that is his lovely daughter and it's nice to see she has true acting chops as opposed to 90% of hollywood darlings.

    i don't know the release date yet, assuming some time this year but i'll keep checking the site.

    i'm so, so intrigued. the woman that plays "zoe's" mother, so underrated.

    and the way this is shot? i really cannot wait.

    when i get more info, i'll let you know :)