crying shame

did ya'll know dionne faris' mp3 album wild seed wild flower isn't sold on itunes OR amazon but you can find the out of print cd starting at $28.12 in the "new" section or starting at $.01 used. really?

but what IS on itunes is her single "i know" featured on a one-hit wonder compilation.
*i'm making space for a dramatic pause here....

one hit wonder? what?! dionne had TWO hits, people, TWO. maybe mainstream america thinks of her in that way which isn't remotely surprising but for the dumb clucks that don't know, don't nobody remember "hopeless"?!!

as the homie brandon (and unofficial contributing editor) put it, "that's the 90's ni**a soulchild anthem." and he's right, i didn't know one person (and i know a variety of folks) that didn't sing this shit like they wrote it. not to mention it's on one of the illest soundtracks known to man.

i dare you to find me one person that can't name check this film or quote direct lines from it that isn't a herb.

go ahead, i'll wait.

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  1. I have the CD if you want to borrow it!