new music continues: young l and king

so, today is one of those "two for two" days keeping in step with new music week.

one is sheer ignorance yet the beat is a banger. the other is more on a musical tip with harmony, songwriting...very nice and breezy. truly perfect for a coastal summer drive with friends.

so what do these videos share in common? animation!

first up, young l from the pack. i'm sure you remember, "got my vans on but they look like sneakers" yeah, that "the pack"

nice little club beat and i'm a sucker for all things 808.

next up is king...

nice little ditty, ain't it?

king consists of twins paris and amber strother and anita bias. all instruments and production by paris. mmm hmm, she's pretty ill.

they're worth checking out and supporting. i definitely look forward to seeing them live.
cop the ep here, learn more here


  1. Very nice! I like the contrast, and the animation. Haha like the pink and purple and hearts in the King video!

  2. Liked, that is! Thank you for the music!