way back wednesdays

i still think george michael is slept on due to all his personal and public shenanigans. that said, dude could write his ass off and his melodies?, not to be fucked with. yeah, team george.

not to mention, with lines like these...

"and now you tellin' me you're having my baby, i'll tell you that i'm happy if you want me to. but one step and further and my back will break, if my best isn't good enough than how can it be good enough for two?"

ouch. he really could sum up tragedy in a nicely packaged pop presentation.

[real spit: when i first heard that line, totally freaked me out. instant birth control.]


  1. i love the idea of all of the panties that were being thrown at him back in the 80s and him throwing them right back.

  2. That's so funny because I posted my comment to the sax dude before I saw today's post!

  3. You've now got me listening to a bunch of old Wham. Wham Rap and Young Guns are still my favorite. Very funny. Oh, I also love this song and I Want Your Sex.

  4. Georege Michael is the isssssh....that Older album is one of my all time favorite bodies of work