film buff: black dynamite (420 edition)

if you haven't figured out by now, i'm team 420.

so for my fellow 420 heads, thought i'd give you a film not many have seen, but well worth the watch. especially while partaking in the "sticky icky."

yes, yes, everyone knows cult classics like friday and half baked, but do you know black dynamite, one of the best send-ups i've seen of 70s blaxploitation films, yet smart enough to be aware of itself...

still not convinced? how 'bout tommy davidson starring as "cream corn."

 *when you hear me talking shit and i sing "i'm runnin' thaaaaaangs," now you know who i'm paying homage too.

not enough? how 'bout a real bitchslap showdown?

i'm still tryna' figure out if the above clip is real or they made it look like dude was really pissed? notice how they replaced the actor! (or did you not catch that because subconsciously, you think we all look alike?! or maybe you're too stoned to notice the obvious unsubtle intricacies of comedy?)

either way, shit is funny as hell, shot well, music is on point...get some black dynamite in your life.

*singing* dynomite, dynomite

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