recently had a discussion with a non-black friend about the use of the "nword" by non-black people in the company of black people. it was an interesting, albeit very respectful discussion (wish i could say the same about our country and its political parties but i digress).

personally, i don't care for it but then i don't care for black people that i don't know freely saying it to me either.

that said, what i do find interesting about the ubiquitous "nword" is that there are so many words that exist, that various cultures use amongst themselves, yet no one is clamoring to use those particular terms. nope, it's mainly the nword that makes certain people salivate with glee, they get a slight glimmer in their eye...

i have friends from other cultures and i've heard them say a thing or two in front of me which honestly makes me feel like i've earned my stripes into the secret world of said culture. but trust me when i say, i would NEVER use the terms they use. i don't care how comfortable we are, it's not for me. i just delight and snicker in how they use their terms and the context in which it's said.

now out of respect, i'm not going to lay out other people's cultural treats here but i'm sure if you do a little digging, you can find and discuss amongst your peers.

but on some real shit, why do you think the nword is the word of choice? i'm quite curious.

is it the history between black and white america? the mainstreaming of hip hop/rap? is it because people instantly want to say what they're told they can't? white privilege? different generations and their comfort level?

anyhow, just thought i'd bring it up and see who might weigh in.


  1. mmmm... food for thought! I'll let you know if I come up with anything. I think you pretty much covered it. Brava! xoxo

  2. I have nothing to say but I do like the fact that you've brought it up. We can discuss in person.