in honor of weddings...

yeah, we all know THAT other wedding took place today.

so in honor of weddings, may i present the best wedding scene EVER

for those that have seen the show, you know this was a was a monumental event. like, on the edge of your seat, monumental event.

and yes, this is the stuff  of fairy tales, i'm very aware. but i'm that girl that has a realistic take on them but still believes in true love and disney ballads all the same. yes, i'm sick.


  1. I love the reverend's hairdo. You don't see that anymore, a black man with hair just on the sides of his head. These days, when most guys go bald they shave it all off. Let's bring that look back! It's hilarious!
    P.S., the reverend was a cutie! :) xo

  2. I never saw that episode! Wow!

    Where was I?...