the more you try to erase me...

a friend and i were just talking about this particular song over the weekend and in my search for a clip from one of my top 10 all-time favorite films, i came across this offering

win, win and not too shabby, might i say.

among other things, this film always makes me think, would i erase some people i've dated in an effort to regain my emotional sanity? my answer, hell the fuck yes. lol.

tomorrow i'll feature the song my friend mentioned for "way back wednesdays." i'm sure music heads already know what i'm going to post :)

a little bonus


  1. I don't think I've ever heard this song. It's great (Thom Yorke).

    The bonus reminds of Andy Clockwise. Good. You're the purveyor of great music. Thanks!

  2. I agree! I owe you a million thanks for expanding my musical world! Also, I really need to see this film again! It's been awhile!

  3. And, I really love Thom Yorke, funny faces and all! He is amazingly brilliant.