r.i.p. phoebe snow (1952-2011)

i'm sure you've heard by now but the lovely phoebe snow has passed away.

phoebe is famous for poetry man but her work as a singer songwriter and jingle queen is not to be overlooked.

honestly, i can't listen to poetry man without a sentimental pang in my heart.

this song reminds me of sonoma county, the bay area and my parents, driving over the golden gate bridge singing and laughing while us kids stared out the backseat window (sometimes i flipped people off), over looking the water, the hills...i'm sure my parents were high, which made weekend drives that much more fun.

phoebe's passing feels like the end of something that i can't quite articulate but it's more than nostalgia.

all i know is, chick wrote the theme song of my life. she was such an amazing songwriter i still well up when i listen to this shit...

rest in peace, phoebe. la times obituary --> here

honorable mention, r.i.p. poly styrene (of x-ray spex fame)

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  1. My uncle used to play her all the time for me...

    It really does bring back memories. Thank you.