roller boy

feeling incredibly blah today so i'm going to keep this brief.

two things i love, combined for the world to see: roller skating (yes, i own a pair of quads) and beats (wish i knew how to make them)...

definitely brought a smile to my face. he's ALMOST as skilled as the homie shazz. notice i said almost.

spotted here


  1. um... this is a train wreck. i can not stop watching him. in my head i'm saying. 'hit pause! close the window!' but i can't. i've come to the loop and i'm still watching it!
    this video is: santa monica & cherokee (for l.a. peeps) meets so you think you can dance (on skates) auditions meets cheech marin look alike contest meets strongest argument for NOT skating on roller blades.

  2. dude, get a book deal already. HILARIOUS.

    and you're spot on about samo blvd & cherokee. HA!

  3. Oh my god!!! I WISH I was as skilled as him!!! He is the shiznit!!!

    The beat is awesome too!