shots fired (update)

sound effects? check.
proper ass whoopin'? check.
not comprehending you just got mobbed up? check.

i am dying!

please note, for you dog lovers that want to rail on how fucked up cats are, how the poor innocent dog is a victim...take it somewhere else.

#1 the dog scared the cat
#2 the cat's claws are not out. warning shots, that's all.
#3 if that dog wanted to go hard, he/she could have.

the shit is funny, leave it at that.

i think this commenter said it best, "(looking into the camera) HI I'M JOHNNY DOGSVILLE AND I'M GONNA SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF THIS CAT Caseymb2"

spotted here 

UPDATE: so the creator of the video is a turd (yes, i'm judging) and has decided to disable embedding. maybe they want specific props, i dunno'. regardless, if you'd like to see the video, you can see it here


  1. Sorry, I still feel bad for the dog but you're meant to. It's bred to look sweet and cute and helpless. Though I'm glad that cat can take care of itself.

    Ha ha!

  2. Hilarious! I'd love to see it in real time.
    xo t

  3. @ pmj yes you are meant to feel bad...it'll live.

    @ taylor i would too!

    @ shelayna the uploader disabled embedding. grrrr.

  4. It was very funny, and HaHa loved it too!