it's been a long time...

apologies for no posts as of late but shit's been "cray cray" at work all while working on some side projects that have my attention span at nil.

in addition to the above, i've been working on a tumblr project to complement this little blog that could. why? well, certain things i want to post, i don't feel fit but make more sense on a tumblr format. i know, it sounds silly but when the shit's ready, i'll make a formal introduction.

in the meantime, enjoy my title play on an eric b. & rakim classic

this video is also fitting as my cray cray work has a lot to do with what's going on in this clip. that's all the hints i can give out without getting my ass sued.

and one more thing...

if you're looking for some sound advice, please stop by and check out my homie's advice column "bad advice for good people" and send in a question...or two...or three. currently, the high school set has inundated her blog with questions so please give her some real adult shit to pontificate. PLEASE.


  1. Thanks lovely! You're the best. And by best I mean the most beautiful, smart and classy woman I know.

  2. You are funny! Glad you're back! been wondering what happened to you!!!