so buttery

this is a lengthy one peeps, pop some adderall...

i've been on a hip hop may actually be dead kick as of late after being sent one "kreayshawn - gucci gucci" video.

does she have swag? sure. catchy hook? yep. does she represent "the town" (no, not the film...if you're familiar with the bay you know i'm referring to oakland)? all day, erryday (lol). do i hate her? absolutely not and obviously no one else does as her views on youtube steadily grow along with her followers on twitter. 

she's mentioned on the fader, world star hip hop got wind of her, the baltimore sun did a blurb, she's down with odd future which gives her an immediate in and upon perusing her site, she's a pretty good photographer. so why am i mad?

what i find annoying is that any motherfucker these days can consider themselves a "rapper," i'm simply not from that school. i love hip hop as an art form, not just as a club anthem or something one feels they do because they have a sense of rhythm.

i don't appreciate the fucker on that wretched t-mobile commercial (how come apple hasn't sued over their recent campaign?) and i don't appreciate any tom, dick & harry picking up a mic and declaring themselves an mc. or maybe that's just it, i'm beefin' about rappers vs mc's.

i appreciate eminem, the beastie boys, 3rd bass, i'm not mad at mac miller, i fux with action bronson, evidence (love him), everlast, aesop rock, el-p, yelawolf (still on the fence), sage francis (he's interesting enough), bubba sparxx (what happened to him?!), pref1x (we'll see), atmosphere (i get why people dig him)....or even jackie chain (for shits n giggles, people. shits n giggles). you see where i'm going with this? while flow is everything, so is being authentic.

understand, there are just as many wack rappers of color (i'm looking at you lil b) as there are white rappers. there's just as many wack singers as there are rappers. i definitely get that. but what i'm truly annoyed by is who gets the opportunity to infiltrate mainstream culture and feed their families with no skill to rest their laurels on but some other cats, with an actual skill set will never see the light of day.

cry me a river, i know.

life isn't fair, i know.

welcome to privilege, i know.

i know all the ifs, ands, buts and whys of this shit and yet, it still chaps my hide.

all of this ranting to say, i came across the kid daytona at 2a in one of my typical late night music insomnia fits. let's take a listen, shall we?

no, not everything needs to sound like primo and ny hip hop but i'll be pissy as fuck if this man doesn't get the shine he deserves.

an actual mc? check. a video that's dope in its simplicity? check. manages to make a song without making it rain? check. dedication to a #1 stunner without being lewd? check.

in fact, while i'm here, can someone put him and j.cole in a booth together? PLEASE.

i'm steppin' off the soap box (something i'm sure you're used to by now) but honestly, i'd like to send a whole lot of people a hot bowl of dicks. dead this shit.


*p.s. i get that music is subjective. don't send me a bunch of bullshit emails stating that fact.


  1. Okay, all I can say about Kreyation, or whatever her name is, is No. No, no, no... I'll have more comments later, after I pop that adderal!!!

  2. And why is this Creation creating bad Pixelated porn and putting it on her site for the world to see? No to the T-mobile... Hot bowl of d***-soo good! I feel your pain, but perhaps we could look at it as imitation is a form of flattery?! Pop-Cultural melting pot? Unfortunately it's common in the culture for the crap to float to the top...