adventures in singledom

i'm sure you've noticed i haven't been posting as of late. or maybe you haven't. maybe i'm speaking to the five people that read this (hello!)?

anyway, confession time. i'm a bit bored with this blog and am trying to find ways to keep myself creative and inspired so i can make this blog better than what i feel it is. which is simply, a forum for me to talk shit and in the process, keep you, my wonderful five readers, entertained :)

first, i've started fresh air frolics on tumblr. why? well, there's so many images, gifs and shit that i come across online that for some reason don't translate here but do just fine on tumblr.

bear in mind, the shit is not for children, prudes or the faint of heart so if you have more of a pg-13 aesthetic, don't visit.

and while i'll continue to write here, it'll be sporadically. i'd like to aim for twice a week, we'll see what i can muster between the two. on to the title of this post...

i'm not a big fan of kissing and telling (unless it's with my trusted personal friends) but i've decided to write about some of my dating experiences because mentally, i've got a big WTF going on in me noggin'.

i'll start by saying that i detest dating. i'm really not built for it. i'm very private, i don't like having to connect with new people (aka kiss a bunch of frogs) over and over again and there are very few that i truly make a connection with anyway.

of course, no names will be divulged to protect the guilty but some shit that happens is too good to pass up sharing.

would be suitor #1: met him dancing, cute, tall, a dj. harmless enough. why he's fired? he text messages EVERYTHING, including asking me out. that does nothing for a lady boner. maybe for some but not this girl, i'm not a teenager, i like when men pick up the fucking phone and "state their business." i haven't even told him he's fired. if i have to have that conversation with a grown man, he's not the one for me. so i figure i'll let him burn his fingerpads off instead.

would be suitor #2: paul bunyon type, met him at a industry party, super attentive, nice to my friend, a gentleman in every way. issue, he lives out of town but no biggie as i wasn't looking to marry him, just someone to know and occasionally date, or so i thought.

we've known one another since the beginning of the year, he mainly communicates via IM, every few weeks. the window that was open and slightly curious about him closed the fuck down via his communication method. sorry but my lady boner doesn't stay interested if there's nothing to keep my interests. also, starting a text or IM off with "hey sexy" also doesn't work.

recently, dude tells me he's coming to town early. he then suggests that i take a day off, get the devil's lettuce and "hang out." what, bitch? you want ME to take one of my precious vacation days for a man i barely know, whom i barely communicate with, then traipse around the city scoring treats?
i had to explain i wasn't using a vacation day unless i was actually going on vacation. when he asked if i wanted to hang out that evening, i mentioned i had dinner plans (true story and a future installment of this singledom shit). he seemed taken aback, that i might actually have plans. i'm still taken aback that a man thinks an occasional IM saying, "hey sexy" would keep a woman interested.

a little about me, i'm a walking contradiction. i can be very "traditional" in some respects and more liberated in others, depends on the situation. so be it. but i like being courted, i prefer it. i like when men are gentleman and they assume nothing.

i'm not unattractive, i'm pretty smart and well-rounded. i'm also selective when it comes to my future as i've seen enough talk shows to know what will keep me from being miserable in this life so i can avoid making that last trrek to the golden gate bridge.

but for the life of me, this dating shit...in the words of florida evans, "damn, damn, damn!"

anyhow, take a look at the tumblr, lemme know what you think...fresh air frolics

and since we're here, you can also follow me on twitter @freshairfrolics. i don't say much but i will if you give me a reason to :)


  1. I love this longer format. Gives me some good hardee hars. Sorry the dating scene is so sucky. I'm pretend dating in my mind and loving it. It's so much easier that way.

  2. The Devil's Lettuce!!! Great! I feel your pain, dating is lame, but, one day you will meet the right "lid" for your "pot"!!!! xoxo-S!

  3. living a street life might be easier. ...although, either way you gotta dig through the trash. ugh. just have t breathe deep between the 'damns', i guess.