way back wednesdays: mariah edition

yeah, it's been awhile. i have no excuses outside of i got bored and haven't had much to say. but on to my post...

some of ya'll know i stan for mariah.
some of ya'll know i stan for ny (shout out to BK!).
some of ya'll know i'm boy crazy.
some of ya'll know if i grew up on the east coast and ran in to eye candy like this fine young specimen hand picked by mimi, i'd have 8 kids by now.
yeah, i said it.

*disclaimer: and no, i'm not talking about jiminy cricket, aka, jermaine dupri either.

shout out to mah duke for keeping us on the west coast where i only had to navigate through taggers and graffiti artists, boyz in the hood, skaters, nerds, intelligent hoodlums and bball players ;)

ny swag woulda' annihilated me.

1 comment:

  1. I've never seen this video before. Awesome!!!

    8 kids is a lot, yo...