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thursday tidbits

*in cookie monster voice* me want...

check this tee and others HERE

thanks, jare bear (in bossiest voice possible -----> click the "jare bear" link!).

seriously, i know some of you folks don't understand what clicking on links and venturing down the rabbit hole means. his tumblr is wicked and worth checking out. trusssss.

new common

not sure who out there is a common fan but i've been tried and true for years. we got off to a rocky a start but i've been a rider since his 1997 release.

lil com has a new release set for 12.20.11, three (he's been busy) of his new singles...


blue sky

and ghetto dreams feat nas

who woulda' thunk after all these years he'd remain relevant AND creatively authentic? *raises hand*

spin doctor

 i love when people won't acknowledge privilege

kim kardASSshian can get married and divorced in 72 days but the lgbt community has the right to marry the opposite sex because that's what the law supports. wait, say that again?

the LGBT community has the right to marry the opposite sex as that's what the law supports?

hm. i wonder if the roles were reversed and straight people were told they could only marry members of the same sex, how quick legislation would pass supporting straight marriages.

spotted here


pledge allegiance, bitch

 some of you are familiar with queen khia, aka, my neck my back. some of you are not.

some of you know she's all about self empowerment and women's lib, albeit, her approach is a bit raw.

some of you know i'm intrigued by khia, she says the damnedest things. especially when it comes to other celebrities (the truth can be so raw. ouch).

some of you know i'd break bread (hawaiian bread) with her.

enter khia's "sermon of self-worth and self-love" (turn your speakers down)

azealia banks - 212

love this shit

 *thanks tiffany and buck :)


someboy that i used to know

i love a good break up song. not only do they help you get through your own personal muck but when they're filled with a "take that" perspective, they're especially satisfying.

enter gotye, my new favorite artist who's quite reminiscent of sting, if i (and other you tube commenters) do say so myself

catchy, well written, offers two sides...i dig it.

since we're here, i'll follow up with two more break up songs that offer two versions of the truth.

enter the melancholy offering by stars, "your ex lover is dead"

strings? check. super emo? check. fuck you/you're dead to me? CHECK.

and finally, "be careful"... one of the best modern r&b tit for tats by r.kelly and his artist sparkle (without the closet saga, of course)

(i still laugh at "mrs. busybody")

yes, indeed, good old-fashioned shit talkin'. there's a ton i'm not mentioning but just thought i'd play, guess today's theme :)



this little girl's face is priceless. i make it on a day to day basis. especially when i see coworkers coming out of the loo and i know they didn't wash their hands...

spotted here