music makes the people, come together...

i came across this photo (posted below) the other morning on one of my typical late night insomnia hunts for music. before i go into the photo itself, might i just say that i think there are two kinds of music lovers: the ones that expect music to be handed to them on a platter and the ones that do the hunting. i consider myself the latter.

in contrast, a dear friend of mine likes to hunt for whimsical finds in places such as goodwill and the salvation army (she's a pro and her eye for all things fashion never cease to amaze me), i've always thought she'd make a great stylist (among her many talents) and my spidey senses tell me life still has more in store for her fashion sense.

on the other hand, i like to get lost down the rabbit hole and comb blogs for hours upon hours finding music i might never hear otherwise. i love music, period and my palate isn't limited to a specific genre or two. i could sit here and sing the praises of the internet all day and while it has its horrors (you've been warned), i can't tell you how grateful i am for the people who take the time to post music, explain why they love it, how they came across it and how it's changed them. as cliche as it sounds, music is truly the soundtrack to life.

all this to say, everyone has their priorities, one of mine is music. yes, i love writing, photography, fashion, weird videos, morbid fascinations, technology and whatever creative gems i come across while hunting "the nets" and i expect as this blog develops, i'll begin to post more of the above, but until then...

when i first saw this photo, it stopped me in my tracks and what i found interesting was the song posted underneath didn't quite fit the feeling i got when i looked at it. the song was a hard hitting industrial track, not something that strikes my fancy but then, maybe to the poster, the sea in its relentless turmoil, fit that jarring and hard hitting sound.

i find the sea both gorgeous and overwhelming, slightly volatile yet full of possibility. but it's that lone figure (at least i believe it's a lone figure) that haunts me. i feel very connected to this photo, maybe because it taps into the loner within me making the photo an unequivocal allegory for life itself? guess it just depends on how you choose to look at it but i think it's beautiful.

i'll have to do some digging to find out who this work belongs to but for now, enjoy (click on the photo to enlarge).

*i've also posted a song below that conveys the feeling i get when i look at this.

anything is possible - dj mehdi (f/vinia mojica) 
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  1. Love the song, love the picture! Thanks for the shout out Eeko! xoxo-S!