blasphemy...the "Bitch, Please" edition


  1. That picture gets a big fucking yay because as you said “when grace did it, she copied NO ONE. you mean to tell me in this day and age we're completely out of ideas?”

    We are living amongst a bunch of fucking Andy Warhols…

    Stop calling yourselves artists… you’re not. You are not creating shit. Be respectful of who you are copying at worst or paying homage too at best… with stunts like this you prove to be a good PR person or marketer… but you are pop culture whores with inflated egos from a keen ability to bite other peoples shit. Yay.

    This photo pisses me off so much… I always hated Andy Warhol for how he changed the art scene… to me he killed how we perceive art and how we talk about it and who gets credit… sorry to ramble…

    I could give a fuck about this woman’s body… enough naked photo's already. she’s like Kanye’s puppet… so what. blasphemous is right!

  2. By all accounts you're right, Oscar. But chill, because there are a lot of us who are still asking: Who is/was Andy Warhol? He only impressed a few among the many.