i'm on my new york shit

and now for some music...

i heard some exceptional treats in nyc yet had to pull some ninja moves to figure out what i was listening to when back announcements were far and few between. lucky for me, i'm pretty resourceful and typed lyrics into my phone so i could figure it out what i was listening to with my "bff" google.

and yes, i purposely listen to radio when i'm in ny. they pretty much play the same shit we hear on the west coast (which is why i don't fuck with radio much) with some extra doses of the occasional dope. but the real dopeness? the peter rosenberg show on hot 97. in fact, his show is so dope, i wouldn't allow myself to fall asleep for fear of missing something. real hip hop in ny? doesn't get better than that.

the first joint is some new shit by queens mc consequence. for those that don't know, consequence is one of kanye's proteges who's exceptional at story telling, has a dope flow and whom i know for a fact has ghost written for some very popular artists since his emergence. he's also been on the scene since 1996, got a label deal with elektra, recorded an album that never came out (if you only knew how often this occurred), got dropped, released a mixtape, kanye heard it and the rest is history. his debut album came out in 2007 and yet, he's still highly underrated and even lesser known.

i'm pretty much repeating what wikipedia has said about him but i know a lot of you reading this don't have enough curiosity to click his name and research, so i'll do the work for you..this time. he's worth knowing.

from the upcoming cons tv > got me trippin' (the amerie joint)
and an oldie but goodie from don't quit your day job > job song

next up is de la soul. i won't explain, they're coming up on nine albums strong. if you ain't knowin' by now, i have nothing to say besides, do your research and see these cats live. asap.

from the upcoming album "you're welcome" > the return of the dst
(btw, this is de la's dedication to dj grandmaster d.st, act like you know)

next up is phil ade whom i'm just finding out about. i'm not even a little hip but google made sure i at least found his mixtape "the letterman". click the link if you're interested as well.

phil ade featuring raekwon (truly one of my favorite mc's), wale, tabbi bonney & raheem devaughn > hollywood (remix)
by the way, i'm still on the fence about tabbi bonney who's videos i always see on vh1 soul (the ONLY reason i have tw cable). maybe one of ya'll know something i don't? maybe point me in the right direction on what to check out 'cause honestly, i'm simply on the fence and i can't seem to pick a side.

and finally, a slight oldie but goodie in honor of this post. i played this at a house party here once and pretty much got the gas face for doing so (by the dj and by party goers). who knew?! i'm so used to spinning records with music heads in the comfort of a living room, i forgot some peeps are territorial (lol) and don't wanna' hear some ny mc giving props for why we we love hip hop. hm.

personally, i love this shit. it always makes me reminisce about ny, about the very first time i heard hip hop, where i was when i heard it, how it makes me appreciate those that helped put it on the map and why it can be so great to begin with. enjoy.

busta rhymes > new york shit

oh, if you're interested, peter rosenberg has a blog, he often posts tunes. you can find it > here

here's a lovely little ditty from the mighty mos def and talib kweli detailing the "history" of  hip hop via the late/great j dilla (r.i.p.)


  1. Thanks! I have an pretty empty ipod. Appreciate all the music. And I love NY too. Let's love.

  2. Can I put these on my ipod?... I can't wait to listen!

  3. Hey again, thanks for all the great music. My Ipod has never been happier. Now I'm on my NY shit.