but think of the children!

i'm known for messing with kids and i make no apologies for it. trying to scare the crap out of them come halloween is what i live for.

it's a win-win situation: i get my jollies and for a lifetime, the scared kid gets to talk about that one halloween when the ninja with the (fake) chainsaw stepped out of the dark and terrorized him and his kid sister while a ghoul with a black cape and scary mask hit them from the other dark corner forcing them to split up and run in place (a la scooby doo) while they figured out their best escape route. and yes, this is a true story, one of my crowning achievements in life.

(a close runner-up, the time i terrorized my siblings by turning off all the house lights and blaring the twilight zone theme from the living room. ah, the memories.)

so understand, if i ever had a kid, i'd do this...in a heartbeat. and i'd make my husband his favorite dessert if he did this as a reward for being awesome!

p.s equally dope is letting your kid walk around the house in a costume!

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  1. one hand... didn't work. two hands... still not working... two hands and a forceful lean and the dryer dissed him. the double whammy arm blast and baby was obviously a jedi knight... The dog, was yoda... and mom, was over it... but key clicker gave him hope!