what are you listening to?

apologies for the delay in posts but i work in music and it's been an insane week around these parts.

the grammys are like the superbowl of the music industry and "grammy week" is often incredibly busy. people come out in droves, the workplace is non-stop action and by the time sunday evening rolls around, you're spent. or at least, i am.

speaking of the grammys, i got a couple of texts this morning from bewildered friends asking why eminem didn't win more awards or why esperanza spalding did. actually, one text basically said, "who the fuck is esperanza spalding?"

really? you're asking why an artist you don't know (presumably because you listen to top 40) won best new artist even though they've been handing out awards to beiber like hot cakes for the last year? could it be that maybe naras and the voting members of the music industry like her music and think she's deserving? i didn't know that beiber was supposed to win. and yes, i said beiber because no one is bringing up the fact that florence & the machines, mumford & sons, drake or any other artist in that category lost to her as well.

at any rate, in case you're wondering and aren't the type to do any further research, here's esperanza covering stevie's "overjoyed"...for the PRESIDENT

and while i'm at it, i didn't know that eminem should've been guaranteed 10 wins for his 10 nominations. two wins seems like it's two more than what some deserving group very few have ever heard will ever get simply because they don't have a power label or major marketing dollars behind them (yes, that's a run-on sentence). as great as em' can be, there have definitely been some questionable "grammy years" where 'ol boy won when i think, a more "deserving" hip hop artist should've won in the same category. but i digress, it is what it is.

which brings me to, what are you listening to?

i'm curious, is all. i'll give you two that i'm currently diggin' to start it off...

a friend turned me on to adiam dymott, once again proving that some of the best music i've heard for the last few years, is bred on foreign soil...

and one from los amigos invisibles (see them live. they're like a latin jamiroquai)

by the way, a nice little ditty about esperanza can be read here: beiber fail: esperanza spalding is the best new artist [thanks, carol]

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  1. missed this post. glad i went back and reread it. you really have a way with words. i'm so glad I get to read them from time to time.