ann-margret, fake boyfriends, girl crushes and anthems

i don't know about you but i have "fake boyfriends" in my life. actually, i have "girl crushes" too. you know, those women that you find super dope because you jock their style or they said something in an interview that made you respect them or you're happy you've never seen their vagina snapped by the paps (no pun intended)...they're classy, intelligent, bangin' body, sirens...you get the point.

generally speaking, most dudes won't tell you there's a dude they jock (you might get a, "i mean, he's cool") but unless they're comfortable in their manhood, out of the closet, or just don't give a fuck, girls get to openly appreciate our fellow sisters.

for example, may i present my first girl crush, ms. ann-margret

she really made me appreciate flirty femininity (and subsequent smoldering dance numbers over the years) early on but what i love about her here, she was equal parts tomboy, loved jeans, chunky sweaters and argyle socks. how could i not have a crush?!

and peep this one

come on man, she was on fire!

but back to a lot of livin' with fake boyfriends...

where to begin? there's such a smorgasbord of men on the planet, you're bound to have some internal list that objectifies, rates and stores them in several categories like:

cute, extra cute, dreamy, fine, hot, handsome, gorgeous and the coup de grĂ¢ce "stone cold fox."
i actually met a stone cold fox once...heavy sigh.

just this past weekend, a funky fresh friend (who designs clothes too!) and i were going back and forth about our mutual appreciation for the fakes and crushes in our lives. i had to admit to her that i kept lists on the bberry (no i don't have a damn iphone yet, leave me alone), pulled one up and sent it as proof of the crazy. now she's adding to it. maybe if i get enough comments or emails, i'll make a post dedicated to all the crushes we girls-and boys!-have :)

(another confession, i am a compulsive list maker. i don't know why but making lists soothes the soul, even if i never reference it again, knowing that list is there makes all things bright and deery lou.)

anyway, as i think about doing a post on fake boyfriends and how deep the rabbit hole gets, by all means tell me what you think and who you fancy. this could really be fun.

as nancy kwan once sang, "i enjoy being a girl."

*a note to readers:
please don't take this post so seriously that you bombard me with emails demanding i retract and/or update to make sure other people know there are different kinds of women and how we express femininity. i KNOW the examples i've posted are of a specific female archetype. i get it...i know so let me save us both some time by saying, if you want deeper, feel free to write your own blog.


  1. i have a crush on almost every boy i work with right now.

  2. Ah,the crush. I miss those days. I have a crush on my pillow...