present mood: so good today


i've been away and i have no excuses outside of...

i started a new gig, helped plan my bff's surprise birthday dinner and moved all in the same month.

the new job is demanding but i dig it and hopefully i'll find my groove within a few months. i also have a kick ass boss whom i know i can learn a lot from, just like the last.

the surprise dinner was pretty damn cool and i'm glad she has a man that isn't an emotional cyborg and has no qualms in showing her friends and family how much he cares about her.

the new spot is groovy but i'm still living out of boxes, trying to figure it all out.

after 13 years in the hollywood bowl area, i handed over the keys and said my last goodbyes. and yes, my goodbye was just like those damn tv show montages because i cried and looked back longingly as i shut the door.  lots of memories, i adored that apartment and it represented stability for me, something i desperately needed when i moved in.

and without the help of my true blues (whom i really didn't want to bother as i thought i could do everything by my lonesome) i'd still be packing. they really are troopers, i truly had more stuff than i thought! luckily, i had the presence of mind to hire movers so at least my friends didn't have to deal with that part of it.

anywhoo, the new place will become "home sweet home" soon enough: it's quiet, back in my old stomping grounds and i adore my neighbors. in fact, i went from having 11 neighbors...to 2. whoo hoo!

so while october was overwhelmingly stressful and i had many a "what the fuck am i doing and why?" moments...it was ALL worth it.

while i'm here, thought i'd give ben westbeech some shine as i've been listening to this a lot recently (while playing the trumpet, might i add):

and the equally dope remix:

you can find ben's album  > here

and the remixes > here


  1. Sounds like big things are happening! I am very happy for you!

  2. I missed your blog and I'm glad you're back. Thanks for the music too. Of course I don't think I'd ever heard him so what's old to you is new to me. Yum.

  3. Please change the settings on your RSS feed. Right now it is only showing the first couple of paragraphs of content.