way back wednesdays - us placers

i don't know why this song didn't get more shine but as promised in yesterday's post, one of the best hip hop songs featuring none other than lupe fiasco, ye and skateboard p (aka pharrell williams).

brilliant use of a thom yorke sample produced by lupe fiasco (he really is gifted and doesn't get nearly enough credit in this current industry), dope and inventive video directed by "downtown's sweetheart" va$htie kola, i could go on and on.

ANYTIME i spin this shit, play it in the crib/car or put it on a mix for folks, people ALWAYS ask, "who is this?" i truly feel accomplished when someone asks me about music and with songs like this, i'm proud people still recognize hip hop when they hear it.

anyway, i keep hoping these gentleman will follow through on their supergroup crs (click the link, damnit. it's worth the read) promise and record an album but for now, i'll take whatever they give us.

seriously one of my all-time favorite hip hop (not RAP, learn the difference) songs.