you oughta' know

i need to force myself to keep posting and what better way to do so then share musical treats?

this is music you won't hear on mainstream radio, you probably will on kcrw or kpfk but unless you're an avid music lover or you have a friend that is (hi!), more than likely you ain't knowin'. i blame "the man" and payola for your lack of exposure.

based off the above, i've decided to "put you on game" and for the next week, hip you to some of my favorite music out there, showcasing a new artist each day. can i do it? sure! am i lazy? absolutely! but it's a nice little challenge all the same.

today's artist is outasight. i've been a fan of his mixtapes over the past few years and came across his myspace through a link on another artist's page (yep, the rabbit hole strikes again). after a few listens, i was a fan.

i didn't know what to make of this cat from yonkers but i liked his music which he describes as "energetic hip hop mixed with melodic soul. positive, smooth, head knockin'." cute, right? whatever his sound, i was just happy he wasn't tryna' be eminem or asher roth but rather someone who appreciates hip hop and has his own take on it. he sings--sometimes he's a bit whiny--and flows, i'm definitely curious to see what he'll sound like on a full-length now that he has a label deal. time will tell. in the meantime...

his newest single from his further ep is catch me if you can

some aural treats:
fame and fortune (from radio new york)
high - print f/outasight (courtesy of my nephew's ears and 2 dope boyz)

more on outasight here and here (website, looks like they're still working on it)

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  1. Yay! This is a way for ME to be lazy! I can benefit from your knowledge!