i used to love h.e.r.

two postings in a day, what is the world coming to?

actually, this is just an extension of the shit i was talking last week on, you oughta' know.

i would like to think, at this point in their careers, most people know who the roots are.

i would like to think, at this stage in their career, most people who love music own an album by them.

i would like to think, no one was shocked when jimmy fallon asked the roots to be the house band on his late night show.

i would like to think, anyone who owns their music has seen them live. 

yes, i would like to think. 

i don't have much to say about this song or video, it's pretty self-explanatory and dare i say, perfect.

the only commentary i do have is that i hear a TON of people complain about music today and the industry at large and that we're going to hell in a hand basket and yet when groups like this come out, hardly anyone supports them.

oh, they'll download some shit but they'd rather give coffee bean their "support" four times a week than buy an album. so be it, to each their own.

but the next time i hear hip hop is dead, i'd like to present exhibit a...she still has a pulse

here's a freebie

for those that don't understand the title of this post, please LISTEN to the following (couldn't find a better quality video)


  1. Go, two posts!!!! Fresh, fresh, fresh!!!

  2. And I would just like to throw my hat in the ring as a person who LOVES THE ROOTS, has bought a couple albums and has, in point of fact, seen them live. And let me just say it was one of the BEST shows ever. It's been a million years though, I should do that again. And also, I have only five finger discounted one song in my whole life and felt so guilty I bought it later that same day. BUT...somehow I feel no real shame in having bootlegged software. Why is that?